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Backed by four decades of multifamily experience, we manage both our own properties and those of investors and owners through our award-winning property management team.

Management that creates value for our investors and partners Management that creates value for our investors and partners

Management that creates value for our investors and partners

We manage our own assets and approach every asset as though we own it, positioning it for maximum value through dynamic leasing, strategic marketing and superior operations in alignment with our clients’ goals and objectives.

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Lloyd Jones considers property management to be the most critical ingredient of a successful investment. Our veteran, award-winning team supplies that component.

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What makes us different What makes us different

What makes us different

Trusted multifamily experience that spans 40 years.

We’ve been in your shoes

As owner/operators, we understand what it’s like to own and protect a multimillion-dollar asset. We manage “like owners” because we’ve been—and are—owners. This is the key to a successful investment.

Our experience covers multiple economic cycles

We have learned how to survive—and even thrive—during down times: periods of massive bank failures and major recessions. We have experienced them all.

We truly understand your residents

We add value by creating amenities that appeal to the residents and make our properties competitive in the market. We create communities where people want to live.

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Core values



We never lose sight of what matters most: our focus on delivering outstanding outcomes for our investors, communities and residents. Our passion drives us to make lives better and create communities where people truly feel at home.



Little things can make a big difference. A little kindness. A little extra effort. Because we genuinely care about our clients, our colleagues and our residents, we show it—in all we do.



Everything we do begins with attitude. And at Lloyd Jones Multifamily Management, we choose a positive outlook. Optimism is what allows us to be resilient and to inspire those around us.

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