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Third-party management

Our award-winning property management team customizes our approach to best fit each property’s needs. Backed by the full breadth of Lloyd Jones’ in-house resources, we focus on adding value through strategic marketing, resident retention, proven systems and processes, and comprehensive reporting. Our satisfied clients include institutional, corporate, and individual investors.

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Our accounting team, led by CPAs, provides institutional-level reporting. We provide sophisticated monthly financials that can include customized reports requested by investors.

We work with our investment division to direct renovation dollars so they will have the most impact on income and property value. Our development division oversees construction of these value-add and renovation strategies.

Our management team assists our investment division in the acquisition due diligence process, so when a property closes, we are prepared to act immediately to secure the property, transfer accounts, install/train new teams, and implement new marketing tactics.

Our proprietary marketing programs are responsible for our track record of successful lease-ups and high occupancies. Our rebranding efforts are designed to successfully reintroduce the property to the market and reach new prospective residents.

Our management team elicits feedback through surveys at various touch points along the resident journey. We also prompt our residents to post online reviews to share their experience with other potential renters, and we respond to all reviews or complaints.

Our compliance experts understand the various lender requirements and ensure compliance with all regulations under which a property may operate.

We have a robust social media management program for all our communities, including auditing all platforms to ensure information is up-to-date, and creating content, images and videos designed to boost visibility and engage residents.

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    Case studies Case studies

    Case studies

    Lloyd Jones Multifamily Management excels at being proactive—finding innovative solutions, improving NOI, and implementing cost-saving measures that benefit our owners and investors. Most importantly, everything that we, as property managers, do is with the ultimate goal of our residents’ satisfaction. The case studies showcase our team’s recent successes and how we have improved operations, growth, and resident experiences.

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